Table of Contents

     1. Executive Summary

     2. Investor deck – 20 slides


Investment Documents can be downloaded here.

1. Executive Summary

The equipment and infrastructure used to power, heat, and cool U.S. buildings represents a $400 billion market, which faces massive challenges and is ripe for disruption. IMBY Energy has addressed these challenges by designing a transformative energy system for residential and commercial buildings.

The systems that currently provide buildings with heating, cooling, hot water and electricity are inefficient, unreliable, and expensive. In addition, the U.S. electric grid is outdated, vulnerable, and it increasingly struggles to handle the variable generation of wind and solar. Energy use in buildings is responsible for 33% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in addition to a long list of other harmful pollutants.

IMBY’s system efficiently and reliably provides a building with all of its heating, cooling, hot water, and electricity in one simple package. Simultaneously, it coordinates with grids to generate (or consume) electricity on demand, providing vital grid-balancing functions. IMBY’s technology enables a future powered by sustainable energy.


  • Energy consumption and costs cut in half
  • Building owners reduce capital and maintenance costs
  • Buildings can operate off grid temporarily or permanently
  • Provides valuable grid balancing functions
  • Provides a direct path to carbon-free energy

IMBY’s system is the proprietary (patent-pending) integration of a high-efficiency heat pump, a thermal storage system, and a fuel-flexible microturbine generator. On-board software uses real-time and forecasted weather, grid, and building data to optimize system operations.

IMBY is led by experienced energy entrepreneur/inventor Steve Walker, who founded the company in 2016. He has assembled a team of people and industry-leading partner companies, one of which granted IMBY an exclusive license to its microturbine technology. This team has the necessary expertise to cover all technical portions of the IMBY system, as well as grid operations, manufacturing, and building a company.

Current Funding
IMBY has raised $5 million from a combination of founders, US-DOE, NASA, ASHRAE, and Tri-State Generation & Transmission.

IMBY is seeking $3 million to complete ongoing efforts to demonstrate system performance, prove cost targets, and further develop manufacturing and marketing plans.

2. Investor Deck